Events Are Generated By Their Witnesses / Global Transformation Of Human Behaviour Постпсихология - В.А.Куринский
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Valery Kourinsky
Kiev  ~  Moscow

Chapter 3


The third layer of our mental filter is historisation. This is, if to speak using imagery, a two-dimensional figure stretching through the human time. Specification relating to that time are too long to analyse here. It is only to mention that this time for human essence is a kind of space where it dwells, literally making itself comfortable within "collective internal environment", ingredients of which are having also twofold structural and morphological nature. Human experiences are as if material carriers of transtemporal space of culture. In this way we live, using the ready structures the name-morphology of which is changing with time, because of widening of circle of consciously perceived being and growing of quantity of details (specification!) and necessity of renaming as act of interrupting of a tension that is caused by disharmonising between a thing or event and its interpreting naming…

Behaviour of a human depends on events he is able to construct. Outside of animalistic area of vegetative life of humans there are no events that are lacking of either connection with cultural transtemporality. Humans are connected with a human conditional eternity, evolution of which is demanded by the Being. Co-ordination of movements of spirituality realises in the time space. It is possible only in a set of individual time spaces. Communication between them is a nerve system of humankind spirituality. Indeed, we use almost fractal principle of Benoit Mandelbrot -each inner design of any typically educated representative of a section of terrestrial culture has similarity with its general view. The reality of existence of the each single is a constituent of a common reality and vice versa. But if we have relatively clarified the carrier-question in case of an individual, in case with the integrity we still have not been done that.

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All of us who has an appropriate quantity of anthropity is, figuratively speaking, an micro-neurone that needs to be integrated in a wholeness by the axon, or, better, -axons, thanks to which the integrity can be physically created. The Being, as we may deduce from observation, aims the total "connectity", absolute merging of all single elements of humankind-unity. It's why we are so troubled when is impossible association with a mental similar as such. It's why we so ardently seek friends in our child- hood, though leaded by intuition, but so much the more naturally subordinated to the law of the Being.

Thus, one is able to understand the predetermination of his affability by law of the Being. One can interpret his adversity towards others as deviation from a human norm, some ontological pathology.
So we have a work-scheme for the horizontal community, that is for the living humans. But we already know that a vertical community represents by itself equally important and influential (as to our behaviour) part of our existence.


[end of chapter 3]

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