Oscilatory Circuit Of Beauty / Global Transformation Of Human Behaviour Постпсихология - В.А.Куринский
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Valery Kourinsky
Kiev  ~  Moscow

Chapter 5


From him, who has been spoke out things that are similar to the foregoing, one does not intent to wait for some- thing another, than the passionate homily, which is to be dedicated to almost mystical anthropic space. And surely that latter is to become a kind of idee fixe, which he, who is aiming to be an actual human, must to never leave even for a while. Opposite position could be even surprising…

There are lots of negative developments I know out of the black boxes of that many perished human lives that seem not to be over. I mean the faded automatic and at best semi-animal existence of many among us. One-track mindness is not only a social pathology. It is a  clinically oriented way of life, the premature death caused by mental anorexia, tedium vitae, now the same tragedy, but determined by the bulimia of "knowlegism", the greedy collecting of information, which can not be digested, felt acutely. In both cases lives are running free. In both cases we have animalistic accent on them, because… because it is absent the beauty. Absence of beauty inside inner space results in a lack of the main part of the best human thoughts - its meaning is much more important than the average owner of common sense ususally thinks. And this importance pertains to day-to-day and especially while-to-while life of all of us.    The inner movements within mental arenas are disregarded by humans. But - as if to balance situation - they boundlessly appreciate and seemingly absolutize the muscles - the exterior in general !   I wonder whether is or not it is necessary to develop a functional culture of inner movements like we have that of the external ones.

Like as the fingertips of a pianist or a violinist touch the keyboard or the strings with the most sentient places so the souls must "touch" this life with its mostly developed spots that able to detect the beautiful. In both cases we are dealing evidently with phenomenon that is very well known as golden section. Let us assume that the point of golden section is a place using of hich is  giving us a sensation of comfort. That comfort may be understood as encouragement by the Being for the optimal developing deed.

The brightest property of the Being is Its ability to broaden itself and new worlds out of as-if-naughts. It relates to constellations as well as to our personal evolutions, to macro- and microlevel of existence of all things that are being.   To in positive sense means to broaden his content, the volume of connections between the parts , summed, or, better, transfused to create morphological optimum for solving problem of individual continuation. Each next step in evolving of somewhat -organic or inorganic -is a next stage of broadening of specific possibilities.

Not very much time ago it was totally enough to have the previous "extension" of phenomena, but today it appears pauperised and have become meaningless as the last word of analyst - we need new refinements! Where were the bothering end point, there appears the comma or the short white trampoline of polygraphic emptiness to jump into unseen in a sea of adventure in search of the more wide version of the already narrow. Where a fingertip was small enough, there pops up the whole analytical
area and are needed new measurements in order to correct the previous data about outwardness.

Inside of the very our core there is no homunculus, there we have a prompter's voice that "sounds" as our comfort or discomfort. The prompter has in his hands the staff of evolution where is always selected a new place, creeping through the mass of integrated notes, accordingly to them we must perform our modernity. Thus we seemingly obtain potencies to acquire new and another beauty.

Human is encouraged by the music of the Being for the solving  specifically human and only human evolutional problem, that consists in development of his artificial and artlike world, that is for him (and for the Being) a uniquely natural one.

That is we are creators, or (in Greek)  poets (!). For us as for a specie, specifically developed and equal with all other species depending on the control console of the physically all-influencing and all-penetrating laws, there is no option except to produce things that make greater the anthropic space. This is proved by the infinitely large amount of encouragements that the human has during his life to begin with an inner calmness and to finish with longevity and successfulness of anthropically accentuated humans.

Returning to our scheme of inward landscape, we must decide what to do with animalistic reception. Whether is there an objective necessity of intentional use of the lowest type of communion with environment? How to relate to the emotions of first (animalistic) kind, to the feelings/thoughts that appear before filtration? Undoubtedly we are nothing without animalistic touch to world, which can be "outside" in direct and indirect ( while dealing with our own so called inner phenomena that are available for us only as alienated data) sense. We must experience life in its fullness from bottom to top, and conversely in order to get qualitatively and quantitatively optima  anthropic space. And the only correct way of achieving the aimed result  is not a haughty and often imaginative staying within or as if within above mentioned area, but permanent oscillatory movement of intentional attention. I am achieving this chapter with a scheme illustrating my vision of this method:

Picture 7 neg.gif (10041 bytes)

(Picture 7)


[end of chapter 5]

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