Social Duties And Physiological Desires / Global Transformation Of Human Behaviour Постпсихология - В.А.Куринский
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Valery Kourinsky
Kiev  ~  Moscow

Chapter 8


The problem of dexterity on the noetic arena is especially close to a problem that we have to solve continuously during all our life. This latter consists in a definite sense of a fulfilment’s chain of social duties and commitments, which are absolutely alien to our contemporary state of spirits, and from time to time even more — they are just the contrary of our physiologically understandable actual wishes of somewhat activity. We too often are going into the wind of the our own totally moral and beautiful and developmental desires, when there are necessities of above level and irrefutability of their expeditious, urgent realisation.

Whether is there somewhat possibility to transform our social duties into physiological necessities? It’s clear that our internal life has to change its important parameters, if we should only use such possibility!

But the situation is not so hopeless and dark as it seems to a traditionally thinking person, which long ago “knows” that we are ungovernable in our inside to such happy grade as to catch “uncatchable”, or to tame Cheshire cat. We may create a parallel to our pair of notions in question (social duties and physiological desires) —abstract and concrete. It is valid, surely, when we have a lack of coincidence of the social and the physiological. State of anthropity may to be seriously damaged, when they are not the same. And we know from practice that namely this occurs literally at every step.

Once upon a time (in an interview for Time in July 1955), American choreographer Ted Shawn said, “dance is the only art of which we ourselves are the stuff of which it is made”. And he had mistaken — the very human life as such is the original art of which we are to be the stuff of which this actually is to be made. We are in somewhat deep sense the dancers of evolutionary ballet. And its Director and Conductor shows with His gestures what music He desires to hear under His baton.

In the beginning of every life there is no intention to exist out of “orchestra”, that is only “to make public”.  While starting our ways we are more ambitious from nature, because our mind that is charged with intuitive wisdom in the early childhood works directly led by the Being. During this period of existence most of us have at their disposal the great coincidence of the social and the physiological, which thaws during the next section of life. But the further the worse. Our adulthood is like a pathway turning us aside from ourselves.  And existence corresponding to that movement becomes more and more formal, outside in relation to “internal human”.  The usual “social regimen” of average adults in so called “developed countries” is overburdened with products of alienation from themselves in first turn and from each other in second. We are mostly somewhat landfills of undeveloped initiatives generated by the Being in form of our early —often blear and misty — longings towards at first also indefinite goals. A wistful young human must be charged with patience and studiousness in respect of his painfully recognisable aims. The society of grown-ups does not patrocinate as-if-lackadaisical states of mind in its rising generations.

The young human abecedarian is taught datamation, not chiseling of sometimes almost intangible idea of his future existence. In this way he step by step becomes increasingly drifting apart from himself. It remains only one type of zoomorphic or semi-zoomorphic continuation of his life, estranged from his own sacred core.

It’s clear that our correct solution of problem of merging together the socially desired (and evidently “practically important”) and the physiologically desired within anthropic area (and usually regarded by “common sense” as empty dreams) sits well with the widening of anthropic space and increasing of spiritual (as well as corresponding physic) tensions.

Humans are to switch the maximum of their mind possibilities. The parts of brain apparatus (as organism in general), which are regularly disengaged, risk to atrophy.

We easy agree with this if we are well grounded in our main principle of our deeds assessment by the Being’s encouragement of them through the existential psychophysical support. Physiology of spiritual phenomena does not demand long-termed specific preparation to be a separate scientific branch — it’s enough to analyse even indirectly received data. One need only an appropriate language of construing on that we now are trying to elaborate. As a little example, take the following information available to everybody but nowhere is interpreted on the level of proposed by us. The title of this article is “ Study indicates older religious believers have lower blood pressure”. The point is the same. We read the following:” Going to church and reading the Bible

regularly may do more than save your soul -- they may extend your life”.  And further:  “Duke University researchers found that people 65 or over who faithfully participated in religious activities were 40 percent less likely to have high blood pressure”.

The religious states partially represent the general anthropic space. And what is possible to tell about the total if so influential on physical parameters of our existence is only its part! Of course, such lucky effect is to be connected with minimising of social desires and nearing of them to their physiological versions, if not with the full coincidence of the socially and physiologically felt as necessary. That coincidence fails in case of absence of anthropic space

GT10.gif (10817 bytes)

the shortest way of merging of these two desires (of conscience necessity and simultaneous feelings irrefutability) is not that from red line to white through the blue sector. On the contrary, the merging can happen successfully when the movement of the social to the physiological runs within the larger sector of totally developed anthropic area

GT11.gif (8574 bytes)

The genuine anthropic space proposes infinite quantity of ways to make the inside life whole.

Every destiny consists of a googol of tiny vectors of spiritual intentions. The more natural and intimate they are the more happy is one fulfilling them.


[end of chapter 8]

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