Appearances Of Inappearable / Global Transformation Of Human Behaviour Постпсихология - В.А.Куринский
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Valery Kourinsky
Kiev  ~  Moscow

Chapter 11


The more long and attentively I look at human history, crumpled by the formal enough way of its school-teaching, the more firmly I believe that the real history of humankind remains hidden from sight of even the most penetrative researchers. I imagine the main deeds of infinite number of souls and destinies, the deep truth of which was expressed by their external behaviour, "gesta romanorum et non-romanorum" only very superficially and in miserably partial quantity. Thus, we have ever to deal with the scarcity of tracks and not with the richness of steps themselves.

But for those tracks we should not have to use our almost wonderment ability to investigate the inappearable. Properties of tracks in their totality -- from written sources to ruins and shards -- are for us those of songs, in meaning of which for unknown reason we are interested. We may only presuppose that that our inclination to be more and more aware of the common humankind past is an important parameter of demeanour of Homo Globalis, that is the kind of humans, developing during many centuries in the organic "frame" of Homo Sapiens. Even by the absolute absence of all other feature in this above statement favour we have the very pinch of argument -- the only known to us living creature oriented by the governing "higher" forces on conscious development of relations with past. We may to claim that the human behaviour proceeds in direction of major
awareness concerning accretion of past ages experience role, which it inevitably plays in culture of more and more globalised humankind.

The latter is ruled by means of influence upon subliminal apparatus of humans. The laws of our mental evolution are to discover like, e.g., the laws of physical bodies movement. Human existence demands from humans to add to the traces, or, properly speaking, to invent new approaches of pheno-activity, exteriorisation, new methods to avoid tinseling, creating outwardness, which is adequate to infinitely rich and mysterious inside world of human.

This sort of inventionism and, of course, "inventors of the most adequate sings" consist the generative part of our evolution. It's not difficult to riddle more common name for them -- they are, evidently, artists in whatever field of human activity.  Too much "visage" is typical for the end of this century.   Interpretation of intrinsic stimulus, generating of which is bound to order of Single Law of Everything, today is very often "splashed about" superficially and occurs as counterfeit. Non-essentiality and broadcasting banality dominate today's thought as if, firstly, indicating the unique possibilities of communication, secondly, overwhelming quantitative superiority of routine and quasi-spiritual scounders, but, thirdly, yet arguing the mentioned above order. The simplified and vulgar form of fulfilling of evolutionary commitment has to be changed with time by our actions of full value and of necessary scale.

But I would like to transform majority of passively waiting for the, as it seems to them, automatically developing changes into champions of consciously accelerated process leading to major, though again and again relative, excellency. And that is the point: we may to do the world better, under the circumstances our conscience and consciousness co-operate more closely and continuously. The appearances have many levels. In a surface also there is a depth. Because we are not able to imagine anything without parameter of thickness. Because we are doomed to realise our space only as three-dimensional. Philosophy of appearance, as having its inevitable depth and thus the area for the cultivating a sign-technology, may be based on this total three-dimensionality of any space for humans. It proves out to be that the appearance in its ultimate form is nonsense, it is unimaginable.

That means the following. We have at our disposition the infinitely large territory of outwardness for seeking stuff to create new signs. The talented demeanour of a contemporary human --like in all other times -- is notable for its sign-finding. It is exactly the condition to be connected with profound mystery of the Being. 

To be artistically accentuated is more useful for the development and sustainability of personality, than any other accentuation exactly because of immensity of research area. In the cradle of the surface is educated our real depth. A simplified approach to the problem of appearance results in degeneration of diversity. The same that is not made more noble by our perception stops its development, or, in one word, disappears as a fact of culture   without morphological support. Ideology of mental world largely depends on its surfacely appearable agents.

It lasts thanks to exchange with the outside object-reallity. Its food is our experiences in connection with dialectical oscillography of consciousness activity. Intradependency and intra-feedback within territory between two extremities (metaphysics-physics) makes up the essence of "natural" processing of cultural phenomenon.

Such being the case we must in future consciously increase control of the connections amongst the plurality of mirror-points in our mentality. The hidden history of mankind is always to discover, for which is ever to find
a bit of novelty for the embodiment-signs, to interpret already infinitely interpreted before.   The singularity of
perception is the warrant of its freshness. And it is due with his existence to our indestructible ability to incorporate by means of appearance the unappearable as being without material mediators.  Appearance of life is ground to cultivate. The thicker the fertile layer of it, the more fatigue it demands. History provides the growth of layer thickness from generation to generation. With time flowing further in centuries the history becomes more rich
notwithstanding increasing distance between the events and their researcher. The narrow social appearance of a "fact" as such accretes with countless intimacies, which it receives from the subliminal and supraliminal depth of everybody who touches it. The particularities of new ages in world culture are evidences of appearances multiplication.   But they are also the evidences for increment of possibilities to deepen humanity.


[end of chapter 11]

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