Activity By Means of Opinions / Global Transformation Of Human Behaviour Постпсихология - В.А.Куринский
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Valery Kourinsky
Kiev  ~  Moscow

Chapter 12

Activity By Means of Opinions


The obviously used opinions are a vast area for research. We are "having our say" during our physical existence in a differently happened but yet a total way. The start does occurs in prenatal period, when "points" are expressed immediately as if by the subliminal system. Later, in time of perfecting (if so, of course...) awareness we observe, all in all, exclusively spoken opinions,being oblivious to what is going when we are outsidely silent, when we express ourselves in music, visual arts, literature, or, by sleeping, in imagery, generated by the all over " sincere" subconsciousness. This latter mostly is excluded from the list of " authors" that are able and commissioned of forming this important hypostasis of our entity. Opinions are total indeed. Background of human life is woven of them.

One has not to disremember about physiological side of this phenomenon, about a bulk of communicative trends that are nothing but the expressed "opinions" of analysts named lever. bladder, lung and limbic system and by many other for the analytical purpose visibly too fleshly names and dissociated from the circle of competent participant of internal and at large mental "discussion"-discussion (who knows where ends the sense of using quotes in this case?..).Surely, the subconscious culturally oriented and the subliminal physiologically driven processes are observable and merit to be an additional strata in this analytical area. Their reciprocal sympathies and concerns play, evidently, a previously disregarded role. The exchange of opinions (I intentionally do not use
quotes here and further) between the above strata may be contemplated, naturally, both from the points of view of a physiologist and a philosopher.

There is not a secret that today's methodological reasoning is the state of "extinctive inhibition". The further putting on the brakes would be a stagnation provoking measure indeed. Too much disconnected data stored in the imaginative "shed" of science, too many minds of researchers waste their forces and time being deprived of a contemporary methodology, the main parameter of which for the scientific practice is possibility of the sure forecasting discoveries in macro- and in micro-sense.  Attention to opinions in general may influence the raise of spirit in society as well as in its professional sections.The expression of opinion presupposes its perception by another person. But this process must be rehearsed the more diligently the higher is in a given society the "culture of discussion". This culture presently is not developed properly and does not correlate with the contemporary
communicative technology, use of which is accentuated on two roughly pragmatic points -- this of business and that of entertainment ruled by the levers of...the same business. Mostly forgotten is unappreciated pragmatic value of outsidely unpragmatical activity, which serves to construct a needed novelty for the every unique evolutionary point of humankind existence.  The lack of the best, received by the reasoning at the highest level of human mental comfort and, in the same time, in the deepest sector of conscience. Humanity needs in specifically organised critic mass of positive opinion related to each new dot within timeline.

One of the most important feature of future Homo Globalis evidently would preponderate in increasing degree as a consciously appreciated -- it is unique human ability to be in specifically developed mode anxious about opinions of other. The quantity of these somehow for us necessary messages surely outnumbers the mere animallistically needed assessments of other. Humans wish much more additional information about each other than it would enough to satisfy demands, e.g., of a certain vitally important social process. The inner claim of a human creature is a mere right for being exigent in relation to all other, for seeking the deep likeness with the others. And while realisation of this aim is connected with a whole batch of difficulties and with absence an appropriate social and psychological adroitness with its dialectically changing mode, "direction", content, becoming more sharp and claiming more and more peculiarities, the raised to a degree of a principle common expedience kills it in its embryonic state of development. The deficit of such deeply rooted personal commun- ication of an so much more essential kind, than we generally have at present time, causes, evidently, deviation from the optimal and shortest pathway of our evolution as Homo Globalis specie.

"Vertical" parameter of an opinion, his connection with the depth of panhuman culture predetermines in a still mysterious way the "horizontal" validity of opinion, its capability to function as ferment and matter of specifically human evolution .Interlinkage between these two planes generates the whole geometry of opinion generation. Lines and angles, circles and squares, uninterruptedly influencing each other, create the infinite range of descriptive geometrical novelties . The processing data one receives from the huddle of ideas, which are latently, before they have become morphologically ripe), phenomena to discover, we acquire a new content of epochs, change old attire of life. The expression of abovementioned content is an attractor, instinctively sensed by every optimally developed mind. Appreciation of life to the full is not possible by absence of satisfaction in this direction. The lack of "unpragmatical" activity comes to be a fact of unpragmatical demeanour. Thus, opinion, or, better to say, its making, is a utility.

Composers of opinions, as we are here, ever seeking the more precise form of them, but it is often forgotten that the intrinsic sense and meaning of them are more, than it seems, "pre-morphological". In society work with success the only wordless-signless experiences. We mostly use something that is near, than to somewhat else, exactly to music. This impressionistic hints at the opinions need to be polished, and it seems that there would be still undiscovered direct proportion between a higher level of cultural development of society and a larger amount of specific "fine" opinions, which are necessary to support tendency for definite perfection of opinions themselves. It is likely that the refinement of our judgements is an important component of general evolutionary idea of humankind. Verdicts, cantillated with a closed mouth by the majority of humans, in their turn as well depend on
the same level. So the full circle comes true. The satisfaction is, to say truth, forever unreachable.

But it is just a ground to seek a source of evolutionary energy. Acute temporarily of being satisfied is its track, akin to the track of elementary particle photographed during synchrophasotron experiment. The "unfinishedness" of opinions correspond with that, though its nature is not univocally clear. It exists in sense of impossibility of changing the prior sign-morphology, and it disappears if we should take into account the ever changing understanding this sign-morphology, its unrepeatedness by every next perception of whatever person, its author included. Opinion is dead without interpretation that is not intrinsically able to remain the same. Every assertion lives by means of changing mind. Altering its sense makes it alive. The humans only conventionally have "equal" assertions, moving from one meaning of something to another as if by consciously hindered development -- in that case all work of alteration is done by subconscious apparatus.

Arrested judgements may be sustained artificially. In such way the dashline of development vector is generated. The elements of zombi-effect happen to be here and there. The wickedly held go of such events results in bad turns of human reality.

Nowadays the opinions are still perceived mostly statically and as static phenomena. It is common so far to conceive the books to be compendium of thoughts. But thoughts are the processing sign-matter (of which is compound, e.g., one book). This is way of existence of opinion-experience, a single and unique that is really possible in the human world. Imagined "immovable" opinion leads to misjudgement and stops the conscious activity necessary for opinion natural breeding. The mind "legally" slacks because of above false point of view (=opinion as well!). Notwithstanding with that the movement can not be stopped in fact -- it simply lasts hidden. The lacked correspondency between the abstrusely made and the to-be-made-consciously turns out to be source of creativity damage.  Assumptions spoiled by static have effects of a toxicant. In contrast to their sound steady developing relatives, they do not provide the presentiment of a lucky future, phenomenon, which is, in spite of an absolute unsearched state, easy recognisable by majority of us. Present-day tasks of scientists must be, as it seems to be renumbered by adding one more very important and putting it in one of first places of their range.

Our behaviour greatly depends on our relation to our thoughts. Activity of a human in whatever given field does not have any sense when realises "unthinkably" .

It appears that we must as soon as possible change our opinion about opinions. It is demand of this evolutionary point. It is a main condition to perfect our behaviour, to give it more elasticity and governability, to increase creativity and fortify, though relatively, a so passionately wished feeling of perrenity and psychic support. We must
more sharply be aware of the changeability of thought about "the same" that is never the same morphologically and yet is such as a formula, scheme, structure, or eidos. To think more precisely about the process of appearing understanding is in some degree to catch the sense the preliminaries which predetermine the meaning to uncover.

The properly experienced sense has much more influence on reality than that superficially "understood", only "caught" but not lived through. Of course, by individuals chosen the priority of such experiencing as a chief feature for their life-style we must observe a more "hard and complex existence" and spiritual depth. Behaviourily they are to be distinguished by the use of par excellence their own sensations for generating opinion and, thus, socially evaluating the fact, one may surely presuppose that such people are nor an easy object for protruders; that is connected also with increased awareness by use of the whole analytic apparatus. In that case, individuals dispose as if better tool for the internal work. They, evidently, are prone to contumacy and more seldom became conformists, or inspired by the ideas which are alien to educative background of their lives. The significance of education is doubtless not to pass by. But it is a separate topic.


[end of chapter 12]

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