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Valery Kourinsky
Kiev  ~  Moscow

Chapter 7


There is an ancient perversion of the human deftness. It is the war and physical struggle between humans.  Carl von Clausevitz is "divine" marquis de Sade of murder as well as all his precursors and followers are the servants of the same sin. Noble military leaders of all times and peoples were - unconsciously, but inevitably - pagan priests of distorted wholeness of world beauty, given us as a main attractor of our existence. The cult of physical competitions and totalitarian suppressions, appearing now here now there in our history, contributed and contributes to unconditional reception and digesting of the poisonous social pills getting narcotising new and new generations, turning the wheel of mental evolution in the way that is welcome, to express traditionally, to devil.

We live in aeon of a planetary bodybuilding. Accentuated physical side of the Being corresponds to th idealisations accepted by rationalism at least from the epoch of enlightenment in Europe. The original
"dedialectising" of one of the philosophical leitmotif of humankind in our days transmogrified into the tragically dangerous ideology of priority of "surface" world, on the territory of which pertinently develops proper to it dexterity, servicing philistinelike majority of grassroots, that is quantitatively almost all of the contemporary human world.

As to mental and noetic achievements in above mentioned area, here dominates generally a strange "sureness" in optional character of high developed dexterity analogous to the outward physical. An ordinary mentally and morally educated individual has at the most an adroitness in his professional skill, having a specific "sleight of mind".   But the same individual may happened to be totally unpre- pared to the concrete deft enough stroke in the section of inner life, which is the most influential over his ability to exercise his professional smartness - and that is his refined deep essence.

The mental awkwardness causes culture full of gaffes. Whether Is imaginable a virtuoso without proper fingers dexterity? But so far we believe that is possible a "virtuoso of culture" which does not possess
appropriate deftness in moral area, and instead of that owns intentionally moral clumsiness!

The future educational process must be shaped so that the intimate inward ways of developing human creature was developed prior to any others. Relations with our own "inner person" are the subject  lacking in curricula of whatever school in whatever part of the civilised world. And it is possibly the most important educational flaw in the history of New Ages.

Who he is able to construct the needed shifts in those inevitable communions in the latent layout of life - communions with instrumental section of the organism and personality, is an example for a school- reformer... Again and again we repeat the common places about soul and mind, anew and afresh we propose to love each other and be wise. But doing that we attach, as a rule, only a kind of external-life- know-how! Why so? Because of one more "sureness" in what seems to us as if well known only for one reason of being situated inside of ourselves!

We are equally helpless in weal and woe. We do not have necessary technique "for internal use". Our logic argues in favour of "soul that is opposed to mind". Intellectual quotient refutes the infinity of insights. The full life is substituted by the partial. The "silly" feelings, lacking the "legal" reason and priority, by serious assessment of phenomena are not the full-right citizens in inward "countries". ..

About what adroitness may one speak in such a situation?

Indiscriminate inner world is a disgrace to contemporary humans. The likes of us, living today, have an elementally settled opinion of his absolute knowing about different nature of thoughts and feeling.  They do not suspect their blindness using his too traditional way of thinking. Meanwhile "the feeling" in anthropic space is the other side of the same phenomenon which is" the thought".

Each specialist in physical culture knows the dexterity is connected with different aspects of individual's self-sensation, among which the important place take the aware or unaware relaxation, intentional or ungoverned muscular or mental tensions. All this is of great meaning for execution of different mostly refined movements that have his separate centre in the brain.

For "the movements of soul", however, we have only common rules roughly and inaccurately produced by street and folk psychological superstition to "educate' them, creating specific brain-centre of humane behaviour as it likely is so called "ventromedial region of frontal cortex".   Is not it an absurd, an nonsensical "paradox of an actor" - no! - of a protagonist on the stage of terrestrial world  - the human race?!

Sustainability of anthropity is what gives a sense to the sustainability of zoological specie (sic!) well known under name of Homo sapience.  Unsustainable noble relation to the Beautiful in the moral area results in perishing of main property of humans by which he anyhow distinguishes from the animals, though often complex and attractive and overwhelmingly in accordance with its own nature and with the task of the Being, standing before it.

The mental and the animalistic as such are compatible. Without a proper "vertical" historisation how- ever human anthropity stays on a zoological level. It is advantageous for governments, because "a herd of humans" is more manageable, but it is not advantageous for an individual which is developing his anthropity, subordinated to the imperatives of the Being. Dexterity of soul, co-ordination of its movements within the moral territory are not scheduled in the lives of majority. Nevertheless, in humankind, surely, there is ineradicable aiming to the anthropity. 

Few days ago I found in F. Funch's New Civilisation list of new members name of young Adam Pollock (14 years old, K., Florida, USA,, who having "read the celestine prophecy" wrote:

"I am only a teen so I am probably not able to meet anyone yet but don't worry I will!  I would really like to discuss these things with someone who understands and is living by the insights, I really wanna help the evolution! "

This lovely boy - like millions others - has lots of positive energy that is of anthropic character. He needs to have enough deftness in his inner world to reach the goal. He feels the acute necessity to achieve momentum of evolutionary movement of all human commonality.  He possesses the natural childish acumen to sensate the Beauty of anthropic existence, but his "skill of living as a genuine human creature" is zero. Aha factors of him are not safe - the force of Babbitry and cynicism continuously threatens them. From the other side however charlatanism tries to involve him in play poisoned by its tricks.

First condition for physically external skill optimization is to maximize the sensation of "remaining aloof " from the instrumental part of organism and - it is the chief point - of Self.  The more separate from the whole is imagined this part the more observable and manageable, the more reliable and continuously is correspondent activity.

            Tools of anthropic activity are to be therefore defined more legibly.  They are like this:

                                                    1) external physiological apparatus;
                                                    2) internal physiological apparatus;
                                                    3) external anthropic apparatus;
                                                    4) internal anthropic apparatus.

GT9b.gif (12778 bytes)

(Picture 9 - Tools of Anthropic Activity)

                                         In its turn all of these four sections may be decoded as follows:
                                                    1) outward movement organs;
                                                    2) inward movement organs (locomotive factor);
                                                    3) social deeds, relations;
                                                    4) experiences, attractors, hedonistic region of existence.

We are attentive to the 1) and 3) and undervalue as a rule 2) and 4).  The new viewing of a given instrumental reality evidently results in a new mode of handling by means of it the alien objects. And
paradoxically, the first of such objects ought be… this reality itself.


[end of chapter 7]

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